Live an unforgettable adventure

Azur Education was born more than a decade ago with the aim of giving students the opportunity to live an unparalleled international experience.
The company is offering its services to students from Spain, France, Italy, Germany, United Kingdom and Ireland.
The destinations of our programmes are in Spain, United Kingdom, Ireland and Malta.
The importance of mastering languages in today’s world, the richness of knowing the history and culture of other countries and the ability to function in international places are the pillars on which we base our programmes.

Learning languages

Learning a foreign language has become one of the most important challenges for any student, as it opens doors in the labour market, in mastering new technologies and, increasingly, in accessing and completing their university studies.

We understand that learning a new language can be difficult for those students who only learn the language at a theoretical level at high school. For this reason, we believe that an experience in a foreign country like the one we offer will help the student improve their language skills, encouraging its real and practical use, facilitating conversation with native speakers and influencing the improvement of expression skills and oral comprehension.

Our mission

Thousands of students have chosen our services year after year thanks to the dedication and high quality that we offer. Our goal is to make the student’s experience abroad as welcoming and profitable as possible. For this reason, we have designed an offer of programmes that range from cultural and tourist trips to cities with great international appeal to language immersion programmes, which allow you to live with host families, receive language lessons with native teachers or study in a multicultural environment. that, without a doubt, will leave a mark on the student.

Why Azur Education?

At Azur Education we are committed to making your experience abroad as enriching and easy as possible.
For this reason, we have a team experienced in international destinations that will ensure that all aspects of the trip are carried out satisfactorily.

In addition, our programmes include everything that the student and their parents may need to carry out this activity, so they will not have to worry about anything. We take care of all the organization of the trip: flights, transport, language lessons, accommodation, visits, tourist excursions and accompaniment by experienced group leaders.

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